By Pamela E. Apkarian-Russell

September 14th 1996, a few months after his partner Malcolm Bloodstone was killed by a speeding, cell phone wielding seventeen year old,  Jefferson K Wilder walked into the… Continue reading

HOLIDAYS DO NOT HAVE TO BE STRESSFUL nor terribly expensive if you slip back in time when Christmas was less technologically and commercially driven. People purchased presents all year long and made gifts as they could when time permitted. Christmas items did not come into the stores until the day after Thanksgiving. Continue reading
There is nothing more exciting than wondering who or what is behind the mask in front of you. Are they human or from another world? Are they someone you might be romantically inclined toward or are they someone Dante would have delegated to one of his fiery levels of hell? Are they who or what they seem or have they left their vine, tree or garden patch to frolic on the most exciting evening of the year? Continue reading