Who is the Halloween Queen?

Pamela Apkarian-Russell

Pamela Apkarian-Russell, “The Halloween Queen®”

  • The Mistress of all things Halloween
  • The Collector of Artifacts
  • The Archaeologist of the Obscure
  • The Social Historian & Appraiser
  • The Writer of Books & Articles
  • The Disperser of Historical Information

And now, the Creator of the Museum known as Castle Halloween. The largest collection of Halloween memorabilia, Halloween research, antique Halloween art, postcards, and collectibles on the planet. Read on, and be astounded at all that lies within…

  • Author
  • Antiques Dealer
    Under the name “The Halloween Queen®” Pamela Apkarian-Russell and her husband have been full-time antique dealers since 1971.
  • Freelance Writer
    The articles, short stories, and columns of Pamela Apkarian-Russell have appeared in newspapers and magazines internationally.  To name a few: Unravel the Gavel, Barrs Postcard News, Antiques Journal, Postcard Collector, Journal of Antiques and Collectibles, Joy of Halloween, Ararat Magazine, and Japanophile.
  • Collector, Researcher, Appraiser
    Will arrange exhibits and lend objects to museums, institutions and movie studios – Available for consultations.  Having collected, bought and sold Halloween and Holiday items for over since 1971 and being a career antiques dealer and deltiologist for well over twenty-five years, I am ALWAYS interested in buying both postcard collections and Halloween items. My inventory of Halloween post cards is large and competitively priced. As a collector I will purchase quality items for my collection whether old or new. We are pleased to purchase entire collections or individual items.
  • Deltiologist
  • Public Speaker
  • Radio Performer
Anush the feline at Castle Halloween

Anush the feline at Castle Halloween

Pamela E. Apkarian-Russell, has been a collector of Vintage Halloween and Collectible Halloween pieces for almost 50 years. She is known to the world as “The Halloween Queen®“. The name is a legal, registered, trademark owned by Pamela Apkarian-Russell. If you, the visitors to this website, come across anyone using this name, it is an infringement of the law. Please contact us and let us know!